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Health Services

The mission of Health Services is to create and sustain a school environment that promotes and supports student achievement, health and well-being.

To contact our School Nurse and Health Assistant, please call 612-668-2279.

Please also visit our MPS district Health Services page:

Food Allergy Information:

If your child has a food allergy, it is important to fill out the Special Diet Form (linked here). The Special Diet form is to be filled out and signed by a medical provider. The form tells us exactly what food the student is allergic to and clarify what food should/ shouldn't be served to the student. The health office communicates with the culinary team on the plan and shares the special diet form with them to accommodate for the student needs. Also, the Licensed school nurse makes an emergency health plan for the student and shares it with the student's teacher and staff members who work closely with the student . If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the Health Office.