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  • Tuition-based full-day pre-K
  • Full-Service Community School
  • Turnaround Arts school
  • Physical Education and Music specialist classes
  • 5th Grade Band class
  • Artist residencies for visual and performance arts
  • Social emotional learning focus
  • Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) site
  • Special education services with highly specialized programming in the areas of ECSE and ASD
  • EL programming
  • After-school activities include GEMS & GISE and Enrichment
  • Hmong and Spanish bilingual staff



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Arts Integration at Cityview!

Cityview Community School is a Turnaround Arts school. 

Cityview belongs to a nationwide network of Turnaround Arts schools that use the arts as a tool in school transformation. At the national level, Turnaround Arts is a partnership with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. In our state, Turnaround Arts: Minnesota is run by the Minnesota Department of Education.

The aim of Turnaround Arts is to empower schools with proven arts strategies to help address challenges and close the achievement gap. These strategies include innovative art, dance, theater, media arts, and music programs, arts integration across subject areas, arts resources, and high-profile artist mentors. Participating schools have demonstrated increased academic achievement, increased student and family engagement, and improved school culture and climate.

Turnaround Arts has appointed high-profile artists to “adopt” Turnaround Arts: Minnesota schools to support their educational reform efforts. Dancer Lil’ Buck has adopted Cityview.  Local Minnesota artists and cultural organizations also will participate through artist residencies.

Arts education has been shown through numerous studies to be an important part of education as a whole and able to give students tools for success. Decades of research show that arts-engaged students perform better than their peers.

For example, recent studies show that students that participate regularly in the arts:

  • Are more self-confident and better able to express their ideas;
  • Have higher attendance and high school graduation rates; and
  • Are more likely to go on to a four-year university and graduate from that university.

Arts education can also benefit overall school culture and climate, especially when it is integrated into the school, giving teachers new tools, increasing collaboration, creating an atmosphere of creativity and inspiration and engaging parents and the community.